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Live Online SAT (for CO juniors/seniors only)

Tuesdays 4-7pm

2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6


Proctored practice exams: TBD

Cost: $95 (plus course materials)

Location: Live Online (same course as the one at DU but online)

What our students are saying...

I currently attend Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and found that the ACT prep course was indeed helpful in boosting my score. I received a 34 my first try and did not do any more attempts. 

-Evan Austin

I was admitted into University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, University of Oregon, School of Mines, Colorado State University as well as a few schools in the UK.

The course helped me most with timing, structure, overall knowledge of what to expect, and how to break down the question if it was difficult. It was good for strategy and mental preparation.

-Emily Byrne

The prep course was amazing. I applied to 5 schools and was accepted by 4.

 -Dee McDonald 

A few weeks ago i got accepted into DU!! 

-Julia Tafoya 

I got accepted to University of Oregon, CU, Montana State University, and University of San Diego. The course helped me with tips for getting through the test.  It helped me strategize! I also learned some basic math that I needed for the test. 

-Elizabeth Lane 

I got a 29 on my ACT and was accepted to every school I applied to. 

 -Lloyd Jones

I was really busy throughout the year and so my only major test prep time was at DU and taking a couple practice tests outside of the course. I got a 1470 (760 R&W and 710 Math), and did not miss any reading questions. That was a solid jump from my 1330 or so score on my PSAT without too much time put in. I was not able to attend all the DU meetings, but the time I spent getting comfortable reading through questions definitely helped me. Thank you for the help!

-B. Ford

I think your course was a great help. I improved from a 1290 to a 1440!

-A. Ash

Admitted To:

- University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill (attend)

- University of Colorado -- Boulder

- Santa Clara University

- University of Maryland -- College Park


The course helped me to prepare a successful strategy for the ACT because I knew better what to expect in each subject, plan my time accordingly and a key very useful tips/tricks, especially for the math and science sections. 

-Nathan DeSarro

The course was helpful because it gave tips not only for the SAT, but for the college process and ACT as well. It taught me time management, especially with the reading section. It reviewed concepts especially in math and writing that I probably wouldn't have gone over on my own.  

-Gabby Day 

 I was admitted to 

-Colorado State University  

-Drexel University 

-University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

-University of Houston

-University of Northern Arizona 


I was admitted into 5/6 schools I applied for.

-Madeline Doak

The SAT course you provided did in fact help me be more prepared for the SAT, which was great! I got accepted to CU denver, University of Denver, Colorado State University and I'm still waiting for Boulder. I would liker to thank you again for providing me this opportunity and helping me get to where I am at now. 

-Loati Bullo

Due to the SAT prep course at DU, there was about a 120 point difference from before the course and while I took the course. The SAT prep course helped me with the math portion of the test the most, when reading the questions, I could think about the problem, and solve it using different techniques. For the reading/ writing portion of the test, I learned how to manage my time so that I could answer each question on the test thoroughly without rushing and guessing. 

Thank you so much for the help,

-Sienna Dilworth

Admitted to:

CSU, CU Denver, CU Boulder, UCCS, Regis, Mesa, UNC, School of Mines, DU. 


It was very helpful, I got a 29. I think the tricks and tips helped. Learning how to manage the time and to answer as many questions that you can correctly.

-Allyvanessa Valera

I did a lot better on all my sections because of the ACT prep course.

-Alahna Waters