How Financial Aid Works

About 30% of our students qualify for financial aid from us, which results in them paying a reduced rate. Aid is limited, and is awarded based on your FAFSA efc # and other factors.

If your FAFSA EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is in the lowest 33rd percentile of applicants (usually between 0-1700), or if you have a fee waiver from LSAC, you will automatically be admitted into the course, and at the lowest rate (usually $168). This assumes there is aid (and space) still available.

If your FAFSA EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is in the middle 33rd percentile of applicants (usually 1701-3500), or if you submit a 400-500 word essay, you will likely qualify for a reduced rate.

If your FAFSA EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is in the highest 33rd percentile of applicants (usually, but not always, above 3500), you may not qualify for aid unless you submit an accompanying essay. Any aid will depend on the amount in scholarship funds available.


If you do not have a FAFSA loan (a federal student loan) for the current year, you can still submit a 400-500 word essay, explaining why you feel that you should qualify for need-based financial aid from us. An essay alone can qualify you for a partial scholarship (depending on the essay and the amount of scholarship funds available); however, additional documentation may be required.


All documentation should be mailed promptly to:

Campus Prep, Inc.

1801 Arapahoe Street, 403

Denver, CO 80202