How to Get Scholarship Money to Pay for Part or All of Law School

Did you know that the average cost of a law degree is $121,902 (plus housing and living expenses)?


 Did you know that simply APPLYING to law schools     costs, on average, a total of $1,015?

If funding law school is an issue for you, fear not.

“Thank you so much for all the help. When I started looking into law schools I didn't think I would have a chance to be accepted into some of these schools, let alone all of them and with scholarship offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

— Corey Quinlan


There is a TON of free money in scholarships and grants that goes unused each year. Yep, it's free money that does not get used. Do you know why?


It's because many law school applicants don't know how to find that money. And many don't even bother looking for it. 


Instead, they take out large student LOANS with high interest rates that they spend far too many years paying off (in addition to their undergraduate loans!) with their hard earned money.


This is insane. The reason this is insane is that well over 70% of law students qualify for FULL or partial scholarships. That is free money. 


You might think, "Well, don't lawyers make a ton of money? They shouldn't have a problem paying for law school debt, right." Wrong. The average starting salary for an attorney is $67,500. 


That may seem like a comfortable living, until you realize that the average lawyer has a combined debt from undergrad and law school of $152,258, with interest constantly accruing.


If all seems lost, there is good news ahead for you (well, maybe you. As you'll see, the following is not for everyone).


There is a way to receive scholarships and grants that will pay for more than half or even full tuition. You can even get paid to go to law school, by receiving enough scholarship money to cover your tuition and then you keep the rest.


Does this sound like a better plan? If so, you've come to the right place.


If you want a team of admissions experts to show you how easy it can be to qualify for scholarships, we have a report that will show you how to do just that. And the report can easily pay for itself in the first month of subscribing to it.


While this report is not for everyone (it's certainly not for people who are too lazy to apply for free money), it's a total no-brainer for anyone who wants to avoid being in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt after law school.

The "Law School Scholarship Report" is a monthly newsletter packed tight with content on scholarship opportunities that can save you tens of thousands of dollars. The newsletter is short and to the point and designed to be read in one sitting, so that you can immediately use the info. to get free money, and make your monthly subscription price back and more in the first month of being a subscriber.

In the "School Scholarship Report" you will learn:




  • Which law schools offer the most free money


  • Which schools will likely give YOU the most money, based on your individual circumstance


  • When you must apply by in order to receive specific scholarships


  • How to get free money for being an older student, over 25


  • How minorities can get $15,000 from just one scholarship


  • How to get $5,000 for answering this question:  "What amendment to the Constitution is the most meaningful to you, and why?"


  • How to go to law school for free, if you're interested in working in public interest law   


  • How to get the $2,000 No Essay scholarship, which simply requires you filling out a form


  • Which scholarship gives you $30,000 to go to law school


  • How to negotiate your scholarship award for a higher amount


  • How to get 100% of your tuition paid for 

As a subscriber, you will also get some valuable bonus items.

The first is a guide to "Writing a Killer/Memorable Personal Statement." This guide was co-authored by a former law school dean of admissions for 3 top law schools. 

Some of the tips include:



  • The one thing you MUST avoid doing in your personal statement that, unfortunately, most applicants do


  • The single commonality among all really well-written personal statements (and it's easy to do)


  • When to include an addendum and when to absolutely not include one (this can make or break your application)


  • The two most important parts of your personal statement that, if you don't get right, will bore the admissions committees reading it, and will likely get your application put in the "bad pile." 


  • Learn to apply the secret of movies like Lord of the Rings and The Avengers that will make your personal statement sing and stand out from the pack.

You will also receive a free report on "How to Get Your Application Fees Waived."


The typical law school applicant spends $1,015 on applying to law schools. This is because each law school charges $60-$90 just for the privilege of applying. 


The tips in this guide will save you at least $180, if you only apply to 3 law schools.


In other words, you will pay for the first month of your subscription (and much more) simply with this bonus report.


In this report you will learn:

  • The secret that few applicants know about that will almost guarantee a law school application fee waiver


  • What simple thing you can do on your application (it takes under 1 minute) that tells law schools to offer you a fee waiver


  • How to waive the additional $35 fee that LSAC charges you per law school application


  • How to get law schools coming to YOU to offer you fee waivers for their law school

Plus, as a subscriber, you will have special access to an admissions expert. You will receive a secret email address that non-subscribers will not have that will allow you to ask questions about scholarships or other aspects about the admissions process.

You can think of it as having a key adviser, an insider, who is holding your hand through this stressful and life-changing process of applying to law school.


This prestigious "Law School Scholarship Report" is not cheap. In fact, it’s expensive. It costs $47/month. 


However, this is a special offer to receive it for just $34/month. This special deal expires May 5 (Sorry, no exceptions). You must enroll before then to receive it at the discounted rate.









The value of each month's report is without a doubt in the thousands of dollars. And if you don't agree after you start subscribing, you can cancel at anytime. There is also no pressure to stay a subscriber. However, there are no refunds on subscriptions.


The truth is that this report is not for everyone. 


For example, it is not for people who have parents paying for law school. If your parents have that kind of dough, this report is probably not for you. Also, this report is not for people who are going to simply read it and then not use the tools in it to get free money. It is also not for people who would rather take out student loans than put in any effort to try to get money they don't have to pay back.


If you are someone who is truly dedicated to going to law school and not having the additional burden of debt on your back the whole time you're there, then our team welcomes you. There is a lot of free money out there. You're either going to take it for yourself or someone else will (maybe one of our subscribers).


You, of course, could always just do the research on scholarships yourself; however, the amount of information out there on law school scholarships is simply mind boggling (and you probably have enough on your plate as it is). Also, we deliver the content in a simple, clear, and digestible way, that will keep you from getting overwhelmed.


To receive your confidential monthly report on how to get money to go to law school, and to have access to an admissions expert to hold your hand, and receive the free bonus item on "How to Write a Killer/Memorable Personal Statement," and also your free bonus item on "How to Get Your Application Fees Waived," which that alone will save you hundreds of dollars, click on the payment link below.


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Campus Prep has been teaching the LSAT and providing admissions support to hundreds of students over the last 9 years, helping many of them get into their top-choice law schools, and often times with scholarships. 

“I was  admitted to all the law schools to which I applied- American University, University of Miami, University of Denver, and Michigan State University- and some with substantial scholarships.”

— Michaela Feld


“Of the eight schools I applied to, I was accepted to Fordham, American University Washington College of Law, Brooklyn Law, DU, and Colorado Law. I have received scholarships at varying levels from four of those schools. I wanted to share the results and thank you again.”

— Chris Laughlin


"I was accepted to every school I applied to including University of Colorado, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Boston University, Boston College, Northwestern University, and more. I am now a 1L at Arizona State University with a very substantial scholarship.”

— Kellie Nelson

Campus Prep works closely with several law school admissions advisers, including the former dean of admissions for three law schools, who co-authored a book with Campus Prep on how to get admitted into your top choice law school. Campus Prep was also written about in the Iowa Law Review for its work helping students in financial need.