How Can I Go to Law School for Free or Low Cost?

Luckily, depending on the strength of your application, you can possibly attend law school without enormous debt. The average law school debt is $100,000, but this does not necessarily need to be the case. With law school applications down more than 22% since 2010, schools are fighting hard not to lower their admission standards. One thing they sometimes do, in order to keep their admission standards high, is offer scholarships to attractive applicants. According to the Assistant Dean of Admissions at UW Law, schools are offering as much as full rides to attract more applicants.

Some schools with the largest drop in enrollment - more than 10% - include Duke University, University of Arizona (ranked 43), and George Mason University (Virginia). George Mason (ranked 39th) saw a 38% drop in enrollment, the largest in the nation, according to one study.

As a result of these findings, the University of Illinois Law School (ranked 35), for example, awarded every incoming law student with scholarships, totaling 3.6 million dollars. Some have also seen their median LSAT scores decrease. University of Illinois' median LSAT dropped from 167 to 163 between 2010 and 2011. Other schools have seen only a one or two point drop in median scores. University of Arizona's median dropped from 162 to 161 for their entering class of 2011.

As the author of the article, "Haggle Time?", writes, "...The recent plunge in applications is good news for prospective law students looking for a good deal." He continues, "More so than anytime in recent memory, law schools are offering greater scholarship options in the hope of maintaining entrance standards."

Source: Pre Law Magazine - Fall 2012 - p. 10 by Andrew Clark

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