What Else Can I Do Besides the Course to Prepare for the LSAT?

This is a very common question we receive. Students want to prepare before the class begins and also want to know what else they can do besides the class.

-Prepare yourself for the class. Do this by making sure that when the class begins you will be able to commit to it and all that it entails. If you have some things you can do for school, or work, etc., that you can take care of, prior to the start of the course, you should do that. You want to be sure that studying for the LSAT is a top priority, once the class begins. The problem with prepping for the LSAT prior to the start of the class is that students often start learning a method for approaching the LSAT and then they have to learn a different method once the class starts. This can be confusing, and not the best use of time. With that said, those eager students can start studying sooner if they wish, especially for the October and February tests, which land not too long after the course begins. We suggest, at the very least, reading this blog as well as buying your prep book for the course so that you have it on day 1.

-order the supplemental videos for $45. This gets you around 15 extra hours of prep that you can watch anytime on your computer. You can prepare early for the class with these lessons. This way, once the class starts, you will have learned the same methods you will learn in class rather than your own methods or someone else's.

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