“The Campus Prep program definitely helped me improve my LSAT score dramatically and gave me the motivation I needed to seriously commit to preparing for the test. The first time I took the test with no preparation I got a 160, but when I finally took the LSAT I scored a 171. My instructor, Melissa, was always available to help us individually and helped tailor the course’s strategies to our own specific needs. I did a lot of practice tests outside of the class, but the course gave me the tools I needed to improve on my own. Campus Prep helped me gain admission to nine top-twenty and top-ten law schools so far, including University of Chicago, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, and Georgetown University.”

Breanna Hinricks


"Ultimately, this class was immensely helpful for my entire grad application process.  It enabled me see the GRE as an important factor but not an obstacle for graduate education. I don't know if this is helpful for your results but I was admitted to Washington University in St. Louis, Boston University, Smith College, University of Michigan, and University of Washington. I'll be attending University of Michigan in the fall, pursuing a masters in social work."

— Elise Matatall


I really hope you and Matt keep the LSAT classes going strong. I'm grateful that such a good class was made available to me at such a low price compared to the test-prep companies that priced me (and others like me) out of their classes. Thanks to you, I got the invitation I was hoping for and I'll be attending my first-choice law school.”

Todd Samkara


“Of the eight schools I applied to, I was accepted to Fordham, American University Washington College of Law, Brooklyn Law, DU, and Colorado Law. I have received scholarships at varying levels from four of those schools. I wanted to share the results and thank you again for helping me improve my LSAT score.”

Chris Laughlin


"The course was very helpful and I learned skills that I actually use for other classes. I thought the price was very affordable and the class was very convenient at night. It was a small class, which left room for asking questions. I would recommend anyone to take this class if possible."

— Amanjot  Devi


“You will never find a cheaper, better program than this one. Amazing teacher, and dedicated support staff. I raised my score, not kidding, ten points since beginning this class. Sign up as soon as you get the chance!”

— Joseph Van Deven

"Campus Prep was a great, cost-effective course to help me achieve my goal LSAT score. Due to the small class size, you can receive personalized help from the instructor. In addition, the course includes proctored exams which are great to prepare you for the actual test day. Overall, Campus Prep is an affordable and great program to improve your LSAT score!"

-Danielle Mckenna (UC Davis 1L)

"The GRE prep course went well. If I had to rate it out of 5 stars, I'd offer 5! He's an excellent teacher."

- Nathan Moore

​"I loved the course! It was extremely helpful. And I thought that Nathan was an excellent teacher."

-Christopher Martinek

​"I went from a 148 to a 160 and I couldn't be happier! Thank you SO much for the class. It was because of your assignments and class that I got the score that I did!!!"

-Sean Lipsey



​"I received a 160, improving by 11 points from my first diagnostic. I really appreciate the time you put into the course and I feel like it helped me obtain a score I can be happy with. Thanks again!"

-Erin Heidebrecht

I had a wonderful time in the prep class. Rich was great and I really learned a lot from him. I will definitely be recommending you guys to my friends who are also looking to take a GRE prep class. 

-Caitlin Roe


“Before this class, I had told myself I was going to study for the LSAT on my own time, with my own materials. When a few months went by, and I hadn't even opened the book I purchased, I knew I need a little more motivation. Luckily I came across this amazing Low Cost LSAT Prep Course. Through this month long intensive course, I was able to increase my score 10 points and scored a 164. I was accepted to every school I applied to including University of Colorado, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Boston University, Boston College, Northwestern University, and more. I am now a 1L at Arizona State University with a very substantial scholarship and I owe a large part of that to my preparation for the LSAT through this course.”

Kellie Nelson



"This class was perfect for me...I learned how to be more efficient at studying than if I tried to do it on my own (as testified by my average test scores the year before). I'm satisfied with my GRE scores this year  - I ended up getting accepted into UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine! Thanks Test Prep for providing structure and accountability in an affordable manner!" 

— Tanya Angell


"I just wanted to thank you for a very helpful LSAT class this fall.  I just got my score back from October 9th and got a 172!  That means I went up 12 points, which is WAAAAAAY more than I ever would have expected!  The practice tests, your personalized instruction & strategy, and the analyzing of "why I got wrong what I got wrong" were great preparation.  Thanks so much!"

— Rebecca Eisenberg


“I was  admitted to all the law schools to which I applied- American University, University of Miami, University of Denver, and Michigan State University- and some with substantial scholarships.  I am completely satisfied with the course and the instruction and would highly recommend it.”

— Michaela Feld



“I applied to four schools- Lewis & Clark, U. of Denver, U. of Oregon, and CU. I was accepted into the first three, (with substantial scholarship offers, especially from DU) and am

waitlisted for CU. Right now I am deciding between Lewis &

Clark and DU, and couldn't be more excited! Thank you so much

for all the help. When I started looking into law schools I

didn't think I would have a chance to be accepted into some of

these schools, let alone all of them and with scholarship

offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

Corey Quinlan



"The GRE class that I took was amazing.  Thanks to the instruction I had learned what the GRE wanted and, importantly,how to take the test.  Since the GRE attempts to measure students' knowledge and skill sets through standardization, the student must learn how to take the test in a standardized manner; this is where the GRE course comes in.  Additionally, most GRE prep courses are financially out of reach for many students, this class is not only less expensive it also provides discounts to those who have less resources.  I can't recommend this class enough."


— David Caha

"I just wanted to let you know that your course was very helpful, and thanks to your teaching and recommendations I ended up making a 175 on the LSAT. So thanks for being a great teacher. I will recommend you to anyone that asks me."

-Kartik Raj

"I just wanted to write you and tell you THANK YOU!  I got a 164, and was in the 90th percentile!!  I couldn't have done it without your help and I without a doubt know that my score is definitely from taking the class."

-Gretchen Wilson

I was very satisfied with the course. Bo was an excellent teacher and I ended up getting scores I was very happy with. I got a 165 Verb, 164 Quant, and 4.5 Writing. I am extremely happy with these numbers and could not have done as well without your course so I just wanted to say thank you! Your advice in terms of scheduling the test, managing time, and taking as many practice tests as possible made a huge difference in my confidence going into the test. Again, thank you so much! Bo's approaches to the writing sections and math sections were especially helpful. I think the most helpful part of the course was being taught how to approach different parts of the test and different problems instead of just reviewing math or vocabulary.

-Luke Anthis

I took the January LSAT. I just got my results back and I got a 159, an 11 point increase from 148 when I took it in June. Considering that I work a full time demanding corporate job and put in all the extra time I had, your class made all the difference. Thank you for your support. 

-Anna O.