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"[Campus Prep] is dedicated to making graduate preparation courses available to the underrepresented and financial need-based qualifying students."

-Dean Catherine Smith
University of Denver Law School

Campus Prep is the affordable and comparable alternative to high-priced prep courses.  There are a number of things that make us stand-out from the pack:

1) We are small compared to the major test prep companies. This affords us the ability to give more personal attention to our students - both inside and outside of the classroom. Our instructors are typically trained individually by our national trainer, rather than in group classes, which allows us to better manage the quality of training and instruction.

2) We are not profit-centered. Our purpose is to primarily serve underrepresented and financial need-based students.  We provide thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to our students, and save them much more in costs they would have paid to take a competitor's course. 

3) We are campus supported. Because of our aims and continued success, many schools and departments want to support and endorse us by informing their students about our courses. This is also why we are able to actually hold our courses on campus, and why rooms are donated from a department or school, such as law and business schools.

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