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3 Most Asked Pre-Law Questions

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

1. What is the best major for law school?

There is no best major for law school. Among the most popular majors of pre-law students are history, English, economics, political science, philosophy, and communications. But any major is fine. Choose one that most interests you. It is a good idea to take courses that will help you to develop your logical reasoning skills (logic, for example), and your writing and critical thinking skills.

2. If I did not get into my top-choice law school, should I go to another one and then transfer later?

It is relatively common to transfer schools, as an undergraduate; not as a law student. You should expect that you will be at whichever school you attend for all three years. If you still plan on transferring, you should try to do the absolute best you can the first year so that you will have a better chance of transferring. You should do your very best, regardless.

3. How do I avoid graduating with a ton of debt?

There are some good opportunities for loan forgiveness, if you go into public service. Find info. on this at You also might consider a school with a part-time program so that you can work at the same time. Check with financial aid about qualifying for scholarships.

The information in this post is provided by Hillary Mantis - pre law advisor for Fordham - in an article published in Pre Law Magazine. Spring 2012.

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